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New Safety Edges

Introducing the NEW Compact CND LC Safety Edge

SEA is constantly striving to deliver the safest most reliable gate systems available on the market. A key aspect of this is product usability. Any truly safe and reliable system cannot be easily delivered without paying close attention to the usability of a product. To this end SEA are please to introduce the Compact CND LC and the Maxxi CND LC safety edges to the market with a range of features:

  • Cut the edge to any size, straight through and fit within a few minutes of arriving on site, no pre-assembly required
  • Complies with the maximum safety standards of CAT2 and CAT3 using 8K2 resistive technology
  • Connect multiple edges together to reduce costs for control equipment (No control equipment necessary with a Gate 2 DG panel)
  • Compatible with internal safety edge transmitter system and SCHED safety edge controller (for upgrades on older sites)

Compatta CND on sliding gate
Compatta CND on sliding gate


Compatta CND safety edge internal view
Compact CND LC safety edge with internal wireless transmitter

Compact CND LC6
Maxxi and Compact CND safety edge profiles

For more information take a look at the safety edge area of our website here.