Control Devices

Everything needed to help keep you in complete control.

Choosing the best motors to open and close your gates and barriers is only the first step towards designing your system; the accessories that you prefer to use and the various safety devices that you need to incorporate to protect you and your property, are the second important choice that you have to make. View our range of: Opening Devices, Intercoms, Code pads and all our other types of access control below.

All access control should be tailored to suit your individual needs, if it is not designed to suit your lifestyle it can become an inconvenience and will not produce the effect or security levels that you wish to achieve. Automatic gates are sometimes left open during the day and only closed last thing at night, acting as a flag to tell thieves when the owners are away on holiday. With the right control package the gates can provide total convenience and security as and when you require it.

All systems need to be safe. Additional safety devices will be required so that your gates cannot injure anyone who may be in the area of operation. Listen to your installer, they will often identify risks that you were unaware of and will design the gates in such a manner as to minimise crush points. On all sliding gates we strongly recommend additional safety edges to double protect your system.

Lots of variations of control are available ranging from the simple radio control transmitter in your car, to a mobile technology based intercom that can open your gates from anywhere in the world. Push buttons either side of the gates or automatic entry detectors buried in the ground can provide a very flexible system if switched through a time clock, allowing convenience during the day and security at night. SEA control panels have been designed with flexibility in mind; all of our boards have a variety of operating logic’s and safety inputs to suit the most demanding of sites.