Safety Position Encoder

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SEA has created a new safety device designed to greatly improve the safety of Hydraulic swing gate systems called the POSITION GATE. The POSITION GATE is built into the case of the actuator and is protected from harm or weathering. It provides the hydraulic system with the ability to stop and reverse if the gate hits an obstruction, helping to pass health and safety requirements without the use of unattractive safety edges.  The POSITION GATE’s full features include:

  • Linear encoder integrated inside the actuator cover tube for protection.
  • The POSITION GATE helps to find the exact position of the moving leaf.
  • Measures the true speed of the piston shaft in opening and closing.
  • Reverse on obstacle detection for 230V AC operators such as the Half Tank and Mini Tank.
  • Memorised leaf position in case of power failure.
  • Exact slowdown or stop points.