Picco CND

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The PiccoCND has one of the smallest profiles on the market at just 15mm. As with other edges in the range the Picco can be cut down to any size on site and fitted quickly. The internal 8k2 resistive strip provides the fastest reaction times possible, only limited by the control panel and automation used. The Picco is ideally suited to secondary safety applications where other edges with more deformation cannot fit. External wireless kits can be added to work with this safety edge.

  • IP67 resistive strip with fixed resistive end caps provides quick cut down system
  • Fast reacting edge from multiple directions makes gates incredibly safe
  • Versatile edge can be cut down by any amount while on site
  • 15mm profile, 8k2 resistive edge
  • Perfect for use on a swing gate, swing gate hinges and other tight spaces

Picco Edge fitted in a hinge gap