Our Business Philosophy

At SEA (UK)Ltd we aim to:

• Supply the highest quality automatic systems available on the market at a competitive price, backed up by expert technical advice.

• Provide Customer satisfaction – as a company, we care about our customers and their clients. We expect your installation to be fast, efficient and reliable.

• Maintain the highest engineering standards for gate and barrier equipment, whilst incorporating new technologies and innovations.

What we do for the Installer

If you are an experienced installer you will recognise the difference between a good quality operator and one that is cost engineered. SEA believe that if a system is well designed and high quality equipment is installed correctly, then the installer will not need to revisit the site until the operator is due for its annual service.

Experience has proven that a happy customer will often recommend his installer to friends, family and neighbours. Conversely, inferior equipment is far more likely result in an additional visit to site, repair work and loss of reputation. These financial and long term costs are avoidable with SEA.

In addition to manufacturing tests, we thoroughly test all operators before dispatch; you can be confident they will work first time. If you need advice or support, our technical help-line includes former installers, with over 20 years of gate automation experience.

SEA provides a 2 year warranty on all of its equipment and a 3 year warranty on every hydraulic operator.

We are confident that our equipment is the strongest in the UK

The difference in quality between SEA and other equipment is not always obvious from a glossy brochure; ask your installation company to show you the products they will use, or call our technical department who will be happy to discuss which operators best suit your installation. Feel free to compare and contrast SEA hydraulic or electromechanical equipment with other manufacturers’ ranges.

What makes SEA different?

SEA has become a leading player in the gate automation market by concentrating upon quality. We manufacture most components “in-house” from raw materials, achieving tight engineering tolerances; unlike other automation specialists who operate as assembly plants.

SEA initially manufactured hydraulic, industrial operators and has developed their domestic and electromechnical ranges, with the same attention to detail and high expectations.

SEA is on the cutting edge of technology and engineering advances

New technologies incorporated into our products demonstrate our continued development in the field of gate automation. For example, our patented Safety Gate; when attached to any SEA swing gate operator, the Safety Gate gives additional safety and peace of mind.

Our website and technical literature are continually being updated to offer you the most current products and information available. We aim to be ahead of the crowd.

SEA is dedicated to quality installations

If you are looking for a local installer, please contact us and we will direct you to an installer in your area; we have nationwide coverage.

Outstanding safety features for automatic gates

The SEA range of electric gate equipment is compatible with a variety of safety devices, meeting with ease UK and European safety standards

Automatic gates are not toys and a thorough risk assessment is essential for any project. Whether it is a new installation or servicing work, just give us a call; our technical staff can help to make this process simple to carry out.

Here are just a few features of SEA automatic systems:-

• Power adjustment on all 230v operators

• Current sensing on all 24v operators

• Rotation sensing using the safety gate device

• Multiple photocell options

• Loop detector support

• Slip clutches

• Pressure adjustment on hydraulic operators

• Mechanical safety edges

• NEW, the smart gate non contact safety edge (on barriers only)

• Expert training and support available to all SEA installers

Compare these qualities with other equipment on the market and talk to us; we value your comments.