Safety Hinge Guards

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Hinge Guards could not be more simple; one 250mm wide strip of EPDM flexible rubber like material is clamped by two pieces of aluminium to the surface of the gate or piers. This shields the hinge and prevents people from getting hands or fingers trapped in this closing space. The great advantage is how simply and reliably it solves a problem that in the past could only be remedied by the costly re-manufacture of the gate hinges.

Health and Safety Executive Report: Salford Council prosecuted & fined £20K after child loses fingertips in school gate (4th April 2014). Salford City Council has been fined £20,000 after a six-year-old boy with autism and learning difficulties lost the tips of three fingers when his hand was trapped in a school gate… Sadly reports like this are becoming more common. Gate hinge protection is a great way to simply and cheaply solve these problems and protect gate users.

At SEA UK we have always known that a product that prevents accidents is preferable to one that reduces the damage. For this reason we very highly rate Hinge Guard products. In recent years more and more schools and local authorities have been moving towards Hinge Guards as a simple solution to a potentially very dangerous problem.