Uni Gate Control Panel

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The Uni Gate (1 & 2) represents the latest revolution in automatic gate PCB design and combines 3 core features:

  1. The Uni Gate uses a 230V three phase system to drive the gate motors instead of using capacitors. This gives 2 major benefits. One, the motor does not produce heat, allowing compatible existing SEA motors to be ungraded to 100% duty cycle just by switching to the Uni Gate board. Two, Using the 3 phase system allows gate speed to be adjusted electronically without loss of power for the first time on a 230V system. Improving performance and safety of gate motors as they move through the slow phase of travel.
  2. High Voltage and Low VoltageĀ  sections of the panel have been separated. This will increasing board longevity and make servicing and updating easier.
  3. The separate low voltage section will be a single standardised piece and the on board menu will follow the same architecture as the existing Gate 1 and Gate 2 DG range making it easy to use and easy to migrate to from other systems.

The Unigate control panel when used with a compatible motor can result in a 50% increase in duty cycle.