Wired Intercoms

Hard wired intercoms are available in both video and audio systems and can be suited for any number of call stations and residents. Hard wired intercoms have the advantage over wireless systems where range and interference are not a problem. However they do require cabling between the call points and the handsets.

We stock two main types of hard wired intercoms details of both are detailed below.

Videx wired audio and video intercom systems


Simple and popular systems where the external panels can be combined with digital key pads and even fingerprint recognition systems. The modular design of these intercoms means that any number of call buttons can be specified with the system with any combination of keypad or proximity reader if required. Use up to 3 handsets on each call button and use a virtually unlimited number of call buttons using the digital bus version.

Videx wired intercom

Blue wired audio and video intercom systems


Stylish intercom units with back lit call stations. The blue wired systems use 6 wires for both there video and audio intercoms. Both audio and video system have a single button call station that can call up the maximum of 4 handsets.

Blue wired video intercom