Battery Backups


STAR 1000 Battery Backup     

The Star 1000 has evolved from a simple battery backup system. In its simplest form the Star 1000 uses four 12Vdc batteries to provide 230V power to a gate system in the event of a power failure. However the new Star 1000 can be thought of as a smart battery backup system, providing power only when it is needed in order to greatly extend this systems effective battery life. Some of the Star 500’s key features can be seen below:

  • 48V DC supply used to create 230V AC
  • Internal Thermometers, fans and vents keep the Star running for extended periods by managing excess heat
  • Star can operate in standby mode, greatly extending battery life (Additional items required)
  • Compatible with all 230V and 24V systems
  • Low battery warning system to hold gates open if battery power gets too low
  • On off switch that can be combined with timer relays to provide one shot operation during power cuts.

Star 500 case with ventilation
Star 1000 case with ventilation separate battery case required

Star 500 Internal View
Star 1000 Internal View

Star 500 7Ah Battery
Star 1000 7Ah Battery