Maxxi CND & Maxxi CND LC

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The Maxxi CND represents the latest advancement in safety edge design. This fully compliant and CE marked edge uses an 8k2 resistive strip at the tip of the edge to give incredibly fast reaction times, limited only by the control unit and motor. Further more, like other safety edges in our range, the Maxxi CND can be quickly and easily cut down on site to any length. Our safety edges have been specially designed to make them easy to work with and quick to install. A wireless kit can be fitted internally on this safety edge.

  • IP67 resistive strip with fixed resistive end caps provides quick cut down system
  • Fast reacting edge from multiple directions makes gates incredibly safe
  • Versatile edge can be cut down by any amount while on site
  •  95mm profile, 8k2 resistive edge, built- in wireless version available
  • Perfect for use on a sliding gate
Maxxi CND on sliding gate
Internal view of Maxxi Safety edge