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Remote Management from the Cloud Board

Remote site access is now a possibility with the SEA Cloud Board. The Cloud Board is a small, simple device that plugs into the Jolly connection on modern SEA control panels. Connect the Cloud Board to the internet via Wi-Fi or a RJ45 cable then remote access is then available via the SEA Cloud App or the cloud pro website. From here an installer can log in to the control panel in real time, view the display screen giving full menu access.

You can change settings and diagnose problems all without having to physically be on site.

Quickly diagnose problems on site and fix remotely

Store multiple sites on the app and access them when needed

Change settings quickly

Access the full control panel menu remotely

The cloud provides you with real time feedback of the status of the motors and mirrors the same LCD display you would find on all of our DG control panels. From the cloud app or website you are able to make changes to the control panel settings, check the status of the safety devices and activate the gates. The cloud also lets you see an event log of all the changes and times the gate has been activated. Email alerts can also be set up to to inform you faults and alarms with the panel, saving you time when fault finding and meaning you can provide that extra level of service to your customers.

SEA UK have a demo gate set up in our showroom, drop in and we will demonstrate the cloud boards full capabilities to you in person.