Safety Light Curtains

Light curtains are not new to the market but they are less common; two rows of LED infrared lights fire in sequence to cover an entrance way. These systems are perfect for fast moving gates or very large heavy gates, where you do not want the gate to ever come into contact with an obstruction such as a vehicle or pedestrian.

This is the only type of photocell which can pass current health and safety regulations on its own as the whole entrance is covered, making it impossible to reach the gate without triggering the safety device.

Below are details on the two different types of safety light curtains available.


Light Curtain

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The Light Curtain consists of a self-contained transmitter detector and receiver detector, which are to be positioned opposite each other. The detectors are housed in a weather resistant aluminium profile available in a slim line design (12 x 30 mm). The advanced automatic signal tracking feature ensures that no onsite set up or adjustments are required. The signal level of each individual channel is adjusted automatically, which compensates for misalignment and contamination during operation.

  • Available in various heights ranging from 0.85m – 2.72m 
  • A 10m range version and 14m range version are available
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • 12 – 36 V dc power supply
  • Power, output and signal status indicators
SEA Light curtain



Light Safety Screen

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The light safety screen consists of a self-contained transmitter and receiver unit housed in a profile that is 22.5 x 23mm. Both the transmitter and receiver units contain a base module that is housed in the top 300mm of the units which do not form part of the sensing area. 

  • Available in various heights ranging from 1.03m – 2.55m 
  • 15m outdoor range when no in direct sunlight
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • 12 – 24 V ac/dc power supply
  • Synchronisation cable require between the transmitter and receiver modules