Compatta Control

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The Compatta Control Safety Edge is an incredibly easy to use edge. The reason is simple, you can use it as a CAT 2 or a CAT 3 edge depending on which system you prefer. They can be wireless and are very quick and easy to fit as you can cut 400mm straight off the bottom without having to open the edge to make adjustments. A wireless kit can be fitted internally on this safety edge.

  • IP67 internal NO 8k2 switches provide the best CAT 3 safety edge system on the market
  • Join multiple edges together for gates of any height or width
  • Fit a CAT 2 wireless system inside the edge
  • Cut the bottom 400mm off the edge without needing to move any internal switches (3 minute install time)
  • Comes in lengths of 1.2m, 1.6m, 2m,  & 2.5m,  with an 60mm profile
Compatta Control Internal View