Lepus 600

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The Lepus 600 is a heavy duty motor that is designed for industrial operation.

  • Max gate weight 600Kg

  • Max cycles per hour 40

  • Max leaf length 11m

This operator has an in-built in Gate 1 control panel capable of accepting all combinations of opening and safety signals, providing convenience and high security as required.

The gate operator has a secure, key lockable manual release mechanism internally. Where the sliding electric gate is the only access to the site, we can also provide an external release system.

A slip clutch, force regulating safety system is fitted between motor and the gear box, allowing for precise regulation of the motor forces. A rotation sensor is then fitted to measure the gate movement, stopping the gate immediately on sensing a slow down in motor speed.

A fully adjustable base plate, in-built control panel and solid aluminium gear box housing provide this operator with the flexibility and strength needed for large industrial automatic gates.