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Don’t be caught out by new regulations

Gate Fall Safety Cable from SEA UK

This safety cable is required to bring the gates in line with the latest regulations as stated in the DHF code of practise TS 011:2019 and EN12604. The regulations state that, swing and folding gate systems produced since 2018 should be protected against hinge failure, such that if a hinge fails the gate will not drop nor move more than 300mm off it vertical axis.

We strongly advise against using un-certified galvanised safety cables as the movement of the gates can cause them to crack and fail when large loads are applied. 

The simple safety device fixes to the gate post around the gate hinge areas to prevent the gate falling in case of hinge failure.  The fall prevention cables are rated at 1600Kg; the crimps have a 900Kg minimum load to unthread. Available in 515 and 700 mm lengths. They are supplied with threaded bar, washers and lock nuts so the cable can be fixed to the post. We recommend fitting the safety cables around both gate hinges, top and bottom.

At SEA UK we have always known that a product that prevents accidents is preferable to one that reduces the damage. For this reason we very highly rate gate falling prevention products. For certification document or more information on this product visit the product page here, or contact our technical sales and specification team on 0121 433 3348.