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New Lepus Pilar Sliding Gate Motor

SEA UK is pleased to launch its latest addition to its sliding gate range. The new Lepus Pilar sliding gate motor is a 230VAC mains powered, however it is fitted with the Unigate Inverter control panel inside a large lockable cabinet. This means the motor has full power at all times even in slowdown and the motor is rated to 1600kg, or an 11000 mm gate up to 70 ties per hour. The motor has all the gate safety features of the Lepus 1600, with the addition of cam driven adjustable limits. For more information on the Lepus Pilar sliding gate motor visit the product page here.

The Lepus Pilar is designed to be heavy industrial sliding gate motor. For more information about this motor, contact our technical sales and specification team on 0121 433 3348. To be put in touch with a local SEA installer fill in our contact form here.