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SEA prove reliability with Zero Lepus returns in 3 years!

The LEPUS 600 & 1600 Sliding Gate Systems

LEPUS motors have been the main stay of SEA’s Sliding Gate range for almost 20 years. The latest versions (the 600 and 1600) incorporate a top of the range Gate 1 DG control panel, advanced safety systems and SEA’s most robust build quality yet.

From the beginning SEA envisioned the Lepus as a tough work horse motor which would have a gear box capable of meeting the heaviest sliding gate requirements. The gear box for the Lepus contains machined steel components, high quality bearings and oil lubrication through out. In fact, the Lepus 600 and Lepus 1600 share the same gear box as their larger brother the Three Phase Lepus 2000, resulting in a Lepus 600 having a gear box so strong that it has been rated to drive a 2000kg gate.

Today however, it is not enough to simply be able to drive a heavy load. A reliable gate motor must also be capable of working on busy sites, with a high number of operations each day. To ensure SEA motors can stand up to the rigour of real site conditions, the motors were destruction tested while carrying their maximum loads. SEA uses this data to calculate their duty cycles; you can be confident that the Lepus will perform as specified for more than the 2 year warranty, which could include as many as 400,000 operations!

When asked for a comment David Hardwick, the Head of SEA UK’s Technical team said, “We haven’t had a LEPUS motor returned in 3 years; since I’ve been working here we have only had 1 come back because it was installed without limits and without programming!” David goes on to say, “As a sliding gate system, the Lepus outperforms everything we have seen, even motors rated at 2000 kgs. We have found the Lepus can match them under practical site conditions and the best thing is, the motors are 230V.  You always have the power there if you need it and all the safety systems work with the motor still at full power. Our customers tell us its easy to use, easy to work with and totally reliable.”

Our technical sales team is ready to answer all your questions on the Lepus. Feel free to ask us about specification, and technical requirements, we are also happy to provide advice and guidance on installation best practices and gate safety. Just head to our contact page to get in touch.