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New Hinge Guards Have Arrived!

SEA UK are pleased to announce that at last the upgraded Hinge Guards are available! Hinge Guards are simple products designed to protect the hinge area of manual and automatic gates. They are a cost effective and reliable way to protect the hinge area and thus help a gate meet the necessary Health and Safety standards for automatic gates in the uk.

The product consists of a long rubber extrusion designed to weather extreme hot and cold temperatures without weakening, tearing or becoming brittle. Each length of rubber is attached to the gate and the post by an aluminium fixing which clamps the rubber in place.

As SEA strive to continuously improve our products and services we have listened to our customers feed back and can now supply the aluminium fixing strips in a black anodised finish. This discreet new look will compliment the gate system while improving the safety for all users.

For more information on the Hinge Guard or to place an order please contact us on 0121 433 3348.