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Product Focus – Super Full Tank

The Super Full Tank

The Super Full Tank, which launched in the middle of 2016 has already started proving its worth. In the past very large or very heavy gate leaves meant using expensive bespoke automation systems, or required multiple standard heavy duty operators to automate the same gate. In the case of the latter this would frequently lead to broken gate motors after moderate to high winds. Now with the introduction of the Super Full Tank installation companies have an off the shelf product which can handle even the largest industrial gates all year round.

Super Full Tank  
Supply Voltage 230Vac+5% 50/60Hz
Motor Power 310 W
Shaft Stroke 500 mm
Cycles Hour 70
Operating temperature -20°C + 55°C
Operator Weight 18 Kg
Max leaf length 9 mtr
Opening Degrees 90° – 120°
Protection class IP55
Starting Capacitor 16 uF
Max Pushing Force  2500 daN