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NEW Slim Profile Safety Edges

SEA UK is pleased to introduce the MiniCND and the PiccoCND 8K2 resistive safety edges to our range! Both edges provide advanced stop and reverse safety to new and existing gate systems, but now with a much smaller profile.

The MiniCND is similar in appearance to the CompactCND but is in fact around 20mm thinner with a total profile size of only 43mm. This narrow profile makes the edge ideal for swing gate systems. As with other edges in the range the Mini can be cut down to the correct size quickly on site, making installation of this edge very quick. Like other safety edges in our range the Mini and Picco can be cut down to any size in a matter of minutes, on site. Allowing installers to quickly retrofit an existing gate with an EN12453 compliant safety system on the first visit.

The PiccoCND is the ultimate slimline safety edge with a profile of only 15mm. The Picco’s small size means it can be inserted into hinge gaps, attached to the bottom of gate leafs or fitted to walls and posts. This makes the Picco an excellent choice on swing gates, for use in tandem with the MiniCND. For sliding gates, we recommend using the existing CompactCND, MultiCND and MaxxiCND edges, which have more foam to absorb fast moving, head on impacts.

All our safety edges have been designed from the ground up, to help you reach EN12453 compliance standards on any electric gate system you install. More over our edges can be cut to size on site and fitted in a matter of minutes. If you are a gate engineer or installer contact us today for a quotation!

As a nationwide wholesaler we have formed strong partnerships with local tradesman across the country. If you are searching for help fitting a new gate system or would like to upgrade the safety on an existing system we can help you find a qualified local fitter, contact us to find an installer.