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How to read a gate operator label

One question our technical team gets asked constantly is “What kind of gate operator do I have?” Today we are going to answer that question once and for all.

Before we start to describe the labels we recommend always following these steps when arriving on site:

  1. Take a picture of the label.
  2. Measure the operator length if its an above ground swing gate system.
  3. Call us from site (if you are at all unsure).

These first thing many people wonder is where are the operator labels? Where do you look to find them? Well when you know what you are looking for they become very easy to find. The operator label will be silver, with black writing and will be placed on the top or side of an operator. Look at these examples below where we have highlighted the operators label.

Label on a Field system
Compact Label
Old Libra Full Tank Label

For the next step you need to look at the label and try to find the bar-code. This will be visible on all modern systems. Just beneath the bar-code you will see an 8 digit number and this is the product code needed to identify the model.  Old operators will not have a bar-code. In that case look for an ‘X’ mark in the squares to find the motor information. For example in the Old label below there is an X on the FT, AC and 1.5 l/min box, signifying that this is a Full Tank AC 1.5 litre/minute operator.

Look for numbers under bar-code on newer labels
On old labels look for the ‘x’ to find information.

Sometimes for the old operators we will need additional information such as the piston stroke of the operator. This is because SEA’s oldest systems can date back 30 years and at the time an operator might have been made in only one size.

On new operators If the label is scuffed or damaged information about the operator can still be found else wear on the label. In the example below the operator information is found on the top line next to the word TYPE and on the second line under L/min. The final piece of information is the serial number and can be found next to S/N; the serial number provides a date of manufacture for a gate motor and also shows who assembled the operator in the factory and who tested the operator.

Other useful information on a Compact label.
Where to find a Serial Number on a lablel.

Remember if you are ever unsure take pictures of the label, measure length of the operator, and contact our technical team from site. We are always on standby to help out, you can reach us Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 0121 433 3348.