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Instructions Brochure
New Compact 400/800

Hydraulic underground operator for residential and commercial use.

Compact 400:
Max leaf width 4.0 m. weight 400 Kg. rotation 140
Compact 800:
Max leaf width 4.0 m. weight 800 Kg. rotation 180

SEA TOTAL QUALITY: All main components are manufactured and tested in-house, ensuring the highest engineering standards. The electric motor and all operational components sit in an oil filled bath providing continuous lubrication and rapid cooling of all moving parts. Robust internal physical stops available, replacing the need for ground stops. Adjustable electronic slow down at end of travel for a smooth and quiet
system of automation. Stainless steel gate support box available.

Compact 400 motor with box

Compact 400 motor with box

Compact 400 Motor

Compact 400 Motor

Compact 400 internal physical stops

Compact 400 with internal physical stops (optional extra)

Compact manual release

Compact manual release with key (optional extra)