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Super Full Tank steps in were others have failed

The SEA Super full tank hydraulic gate motor was fitted as a replacement to the following gate.

The gate is 5m wide and as you can see, it is solid boarded so acts similar to a giant sail. The gate was previously fitted with a different manufacture’s electro-mechanical motor. When the gate opened, a gust of wind caused the motor to snap in half; the owner was standing behind the gates and was lucky to escape injury.

Now with the SEA Super Full Tank fitted to the gate,  the motor has the power to control the gate in all weather conditions.

A non-locking motor has been fitted to prevent internal damage to the motor in high winds, it acts as a hydraulic damper and ensures that the gate will never be out of control. The SEA Super Full Tank has a  25mm stainless steel piston, 500 mm stroke and 25,000N  force. This motor has at least 4 times the pushing force of most standard gate operators.  

The perfect match for large wind affected gates.