Swing Gates

Swing gate access solutions that are quiet, discrete and smooth in operation. SEA have a large range of automatic swing gate operators suitable for residential gates, light commercial or heavy, intensively operated industrial gates. Hinged electric gate operators fit into two main categories: Electromechanical and Hydraulic. These are further divided into underground operators, piston operators and crank arm operators.

Super Full Tank Heavy Duty Swing Gate Opener
Full Tank Swing Gate Motor
Half Tank Hydraulic Swing Gate Opener
Alpha Electro-Mechanical Swing Gate Opener
Surf Swing Gate Opener
Super Compact Heavy Duty Underground Opener
Compact Underground Swing Gate Opener
Field Electro-Mechanical Underground Swing Gate Opener
Ger Crank Arm Swing Gate Opener

Safety of operation is a high priority for SEA. All of the 230 V mains systems have an adjustable form of force control, either current sensing or pressure regulation; all 24 V systems rely on motor current sensing. By using slow down at end of travel provided by the various gate control panels, our swing gate systems are quiet in operation. The reduced momentum in the last 500 mm of gate travel also provides additional protection against trapping.

For further peace of mind, a patented SEA device called a Safety Gate can be connected to each gate leaf, which measures the speed of rotation and reverses motor direction if an obstruction is encountered. This device has the same effect as fitting safety edges to both sides of the gate. Photocells, metal detectors and safety edges can also be installed and linked into the SEA control panel to provide the best safety systems possible.

Where trip hazards need to be avoided or the driveway is sloping, standard sized gates can be fitted with electric gate operators that have with built in physical stops. Whatever the requirements of the site, SEA will endeavour to provide a system that is tailor made.