Radio Transmitters

The most commonly used opening devices are radio control transmitters, with handsets that can be carried in your pocket or on your car key ring. Three and four button units are available that allow you to operate your gates and garage doors with one transmitter.

SEA can supply three types of transmitters:

Ladybird Rolling Code Transmitter

The Ladybird is the newest SEA transmitter and is what you would normally expect to come with a new system. Like all other rolling code transmitters the Ladybird sends an encrypted code to the receiver, making this an excellent high security system.


This transmitter can be programmed directly into an SEA receiver as normal or one transmitter can be used to add another to the system:

  • Stand next to the gate
  • Take a Ladybird transmitter that is already programmed and push a pin into a small hole on one side of the transmitter. This pushes a hidden button inside
  • Now push the button you want to transfer to the new transmitter
  • Finally take the new transmitter and push the same button on the new transmitter

SEA Ladybird Transmitter, also known as a Coccinella Roll

Smart 433mHz Duel Ecopy transmitters

The latest generation of the Smart Dip Switch is the Smart Ecopy transmitter. The Ecopy works by copying the code sent by another transmitter. This means the Ecopy can be used with a wide variety of transmitters including non SEA transmitters.


There are 2 main methods for programming, the first involves directly adding the transmitter onto the gate system. The second method is to copy the existing transmitters. To do this follow these steps:

  • Push and hold the red button and the grey button together at the same time on the new Ecopy (If there are 2 grey buttons push the one closest to the red button). You should see the red LED light start to blink slowly at first and then more rapidly.
  • When this happens take your fingers off the buttons and then push the button you would like to copy a code too. The red LED light should come on and stay on.
  • Now take the old existing transmitter and push and hold the button you would like to transfer across. The LED light should flash a few times to say it has accepted the code. Wait a minute and test the transmitter.

SEA Smart Ecopy has replaced the Smart Dipswitch

Head 433 Rolling Code transmitters

The Head transmitter has been sold for a long time and at the same time as the Quarts transmitters. A rolling code transmitter works by sending and encrypted code to the radio receiver. The receiver then uses this code to complete a calculation verifying the transmitter belongs to that gate system. This makes a rolling code system very secure for the site but sometimes a little harder to work with as a Head rolling code Transmitter will only work with certain radio receivers. The Head has largely been replaced by the Ladybird transmitter but is still available.


It is possible to use one Head transmitter to program another Head transmitter with some radio receivers. To do this stand by the gate system and follow these steps:

  • Open the existing Head transmitter that is already working with the system. Inside you will find a hidden button beneath the normal buttons. Push it, you might hear a beep from the radio receiver or the gate might start to move, don’t worry continue anyway.
  • Press the button you would like to copy to the new transmitter.
  • On the new transmitter press the same button. Wait a few minutes and then test the gate to make sure it has worked.

SEA Head Rolling code transmitter

Stand alone Boxed Receiver Unit

The stand alone receiver unit allows SEA radio transmitters to be added to any gate system. The stand alone unit requires power and provides the gate system with an open signal. The stand alone unit can store 800 radio transmitters and has two programmable channels.

Boxed RX Unit