Cloud Based Intercom

The Full GSM Access System

Intratone have entered the market with a unique product. Their full access control system linked, via GSM, to the internet allows site managers to login to a secure area online and make changes, review the sites operation and remove lost or stolen key fobs. The Intratone system is a wireless Video intercom, remote control key fob reader, tag reader and contains a code pad. A full list of its features can be found below:

  • Contains a Video GSM intercom capable of storing hundreds of  landline or mobile phone contact numbers.
  • Connects via GSM sim card to the internet.
  • Remote programming can be carried out via online portal.
  • Remotely add or remove key fobs and key tags which may have been lost or stolen.
  • Prepaid and monthly contacts are available for the full GSM system, contacts allow for unlimited use and prices are fixed for 10 years.
  • Card reader and remote control transmitter system come with build in pre-paid sim cards so all prices are included upfront.
  • All Intratone products provide a clean normally open output to activate a gate system or door lock.

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Intratone GSM Video Intercom, with code pad and proximity tag reader

Intratone Radio Key Fobs
Intratone Radio Key Fobs

Intratone proximity tags
Intratone proximity tags