Welcome to SEA UK

If you are reading this you have most likely seen our recent email regarding the sad closure of Gatec. Many of you will have already used SEA products in the passed and will be familiar with our reputation for rock solid build quality, reliability and expert technical support.

But enough about that, there are really just 3 things you need to know:

  1. We will price match your old Gatec safety edge prices. We are the original importer for the CCE range of safety systems and stock their complete range. If you haven’t tried CCE safety equipment yet we are sure you will find that it out competes other safety edge systems.
  2. Many SEA systems can be used in place of a Genius or RIB system. You can enjoy improved reliability at *protected low trade prices!
  3. We provide training free of charge to all trade customers, contact us for details.

A few examples of different Gatec systems can be seen here with their recommend SEA equivalent.


* SEA do not advertise the product trade prices online. We do this to protect trade prices from being driven down by online sales websites. The costings shown here have been hidden from the general public and will be removed from the website in 2 months.