Garage Doors

The SEA range of automatic garage door operators contain models suitable for small residential situations through to heavier, more intensively operated garage doors.

SEA garage door operators are compact, quiet and smooth in operation because the gear boxes are all expertly engineered using only high quality metals in their construction. The Corona models use a 24V motor, allowing intensive operation when required.

The majority of garaged doors are driven open and closed by use of a 9 toothed gear connected to the motor, with a chain attached to the . The electric motor turns the gear using a worm drive system, generating lots of power for even the heaviest of garage doors and holding the gates in the closed position.

The garage doors open and closed positions are set by a limit switch, protecting the Corona from the wear and tear often associated with standard garage door motors. Selectable soft start and soft stop features provide a smooth and extremely hard wearing garage door operating system.

High levels of safety are provided on all operators with electronic rotation sensors, providing constant levels of personal safety even on the largest garage door.