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Traffic Management Case Study Featuring the Sprint Traffic Barrier

Here at SEA UK we work with some of the most talented installation companies in the country. Today we are on site with Richard the owner of Garage Door Restore West Midlands (GDR) and his team. They have  recently completed a traffic management system for a Casino in Birmingham. GDR’s customer required an entrance and exit barrier that could cope with the 24 hour demands of the Casino, located near to Birmingham City centre.

The Entrance

It was decided that a vehicle detector would activate the traffic barrier, allowing free entrance to the site. Richard, in consultation with our specification team and the Casino, chose a Storm traffic barrier system. The Storm is the perfect traffic barrier for this site with up to a 7.5m beam and 24V high intensity usage motor, capable of near continuous operation.

Richard has set the traffic barrier back from the road to make room for the loop detector and added new railings with brick pillars to further control traffic flow. The 24V motor on the Storm provides in built current sensing safety and low heat build up when in continuous use. In this case the 7.5m beam was not needed and a 6m beam was used instead. Finally a pair of Photo 60 anti vandal photocells were added for additional pedestrian safety. Security was increased by fitting a magnetic lock at the end of the barrier, securing the beam against the fork support when in the closed position.

The Exit

For the exit traffic barrier a Sprint system was installed instead of the Storm, as the barrier length required did not exceed 5m. The Sprint Electro-hydraulic system allows for continuous operation with built in current sensing and limit switches for automatic learning. Anti vandal photocells and a magnetic lock were chosen again for added vehicle/pedestrian safety and security. A token reader has been sited near the exit barrier preventing unauthorised vehicles from using the car park and leaving unhindered. Car park users now need to obtain a token from inside the Casino to leave the premises.

Richard from GDR West Midlands says, “Our customer needed an automatic gate system to prevent unauthorised use of their car park and the SEA traffic barriers are the ideal solution.” He goes on to say, “The support SEA have provided has helped keep our costs down and get this job finished on time and on budget.”

For more information about this automatic gate system or one like it, contact our technical sales and specification team on 0121 433 3348. To be put in touch with a local SEA installer like Richard fill in our contact form here.