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Introducing SEA’s NEW Super Full Tank

SEA has created a new line of super heavy gate motors called the Super range. The Super Full Tank is SEA’s latest and most powerful swing gate motor. Capable of operating a 2000kg gate leaf or a gate leaf up to 9m in length. This makes it perfect for large palisade industrial gates, high security gates and gates with very long leaf lengths. The Super Full Tank has been designed to handle large gate that regularly experience excess forces such as wind loadings. The system is 230VAC so it is controlled by the extremely popular Gate 2 DG control panel, no need for a 3 phase. Current sensing issues are not a problem for this 230V motor, but safety is still a major consideration in the Super Full Tanks design. Pressure adjustment valves restrict the maximum amount of force the motor can use to push the gates. Safety edges can be easily added to the Gate 2 DG control unit allowing the Super Full Tank to operate on a continuous basis in complete safety.

Super Full Tank Swing Gate Motor
Super Full Tank Swing Gate Motor

Full Tank pressure adjustment valves
Super Full Tank pressure adjustment valves

Full Tank ball joint
Super Full Tank ball joint