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Gate Safety Week 2017

SEA UK is please to support Gate Safety Week 2017

SEA UK are proud to continue supporting the DHF in raising gate safety awareness for Gate Safety Week 2017.  We are committed to improving gate safety standards across the automatic gate industry and have enjoyed a strong working partnership with the DHF in several areas.

Clarification of Health and Safety Laws
SEA UK has worked closely with the DHF to help clarify laws and form clear best practice guidelines for DHF members and gate installers to follow.  SEA UK have listened to installation companies and work with the DHF to find the best equipment and the best practices to meet every day safety challenges.  The DHF have been invaluable in providing clarity for Health and Safety laws!  

Continued free training
SEA UK are committed to helping all installation companies achieve the highest health and safety standards.  Over the last 12 months, SEA UK have run dozens of free training sessions and workshops focused on gate safety theory and best practice.  All sessions are run by DHF trained members of staff and will give an excellent base of understanding for those seeking to undertake the DHF’s own training program. Contact us to find out more information about gate safety training. 

Handover documentation
SEA UK has released a new handover document which helps guide installation companies through the safe commissioning of a gate system.  Support and guidance offered by the DHF was of great help while making this well received document.