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Choosing the best motors to open and close your gates and barriers is only the first step towards designing your system; the accessories that you prefer to use and the various safety devices that you need to incorporate to protect you and your property, are the second important choice that you have to make.

All access control should be tailored to suit your individual needs, if it is not designed to suit your lifestyle it can become an inconvenience and will not produce the effect or security levels that you wish to achieve. Automatic gates are sometimes left open during the day and only closed last thing at night, acting as a flag to tell thieves when the owners are away on holiday. With the right control package the gates can provide total convenience and security as and when you require it.

All systems need to be safe. Additional safety devices will be required so that your gates cannot injure anyone who may be in the area of operation. Listen to your installer, they will often identify risks that you were unaware of and will design the gates in such a manner as to minimise crush points. On all sliding gates we strongly recommend additional safety edges to double protect your system.

Lots of variations of control are available ranging from the simple radio control transmitter in your car, to a mobile technology based intercom that can open your gates from anywhere in the world. Push buttons either side of the gates or automatic entry detectors buried in the ground can provide a very flexible system if switched through a time clock, allowing convenience during the day and security at night. SEA control panels have been designed with flexibility in mind; all of our boards have a variety of operating logics and safety inputs to suit the most demanding of sites. View our range of:
Opening Devices, Safety Devices and Intercoms

Opening Devices - Transmitters

Radio control transmitters
The most commonly used opening devices are radio control transmitters, with handsets that can be carried in your pocket or on your car key ring. Three and four button units are available that allow you to operate your gates and garage doors with one transmitter.

SEA can supply three types of transmitters:

The Smart/Ecopy range - using unique fixed codes, dip switch coding system or a copy system.
Safety Devices

The Head transmitter - a high security rolling code system with slightly increased radio range and unbreakable coding system; only supassed by the Ladybird.
Opening Devices

The Ladybird transmitter - SEAs most up to date high security rolling code system with increased radio range and unbreakable coding system; for the ultimate in gate security.
Key Fob transmitters

Opening Devices - Push buttons, Keypads, Other

Push Buttons, Metal detectors, and Infra red beams - Lots of different methods can be used to provide free entry and exit to any gate or barrier system. They can all be controlled via time clocks or switches, providing different control packages to suit each individual customer security requirements. Systems are often fitted with metal detector free entry and exit during the day, switching to security intercom access for visitors after 6 pm.
Push buttonLoop detector

Key switches, code pads, card readers and finger print recognition - Security of access to a site is often more important than convenience; SEA offer compatible equipment from the simple key switch to proximity card readers, or even finger print recognition. An SEA proximity card reader and radio control system allows control for up to 500 individual users, with a simple deletion and insertion technique. If computer controlled or fully networked systems are required, we stock both Videx and Bewator systems. The SEA control panel can interface with most other manufacturers' security equipment.

Intercomscode padRobot TagKey Switch

Safety Devices - Photocells
These are the most common type of device used to provide 'hold open' safety. Photocells work by emitting an infrared beam across the driveway. The infrared beam is constantly monitored by the photocell receiver unit; if the beam is interrupted (broken) the receiver unit sends a signal to the electronic control unit. Normally, photocells are used to prevent the gates from closing but they are sometimes used to signal the gates to open. SEA produce standard plastic long range, slim line and battery systems, also offering solid aluminum anti-vandal units if required.

Photocell safety sensors PhotocellsPhotocell Sunsets
Safety Devices - Safety Edges and Safety Strips

Safety Edges
Contact strips with integral trigger wire and switch, these items are commonly used to provide safety on sliding gate systems. Safety edges react on contact with and obstruction and will stop and reverse the gate they are often combined with battery powered photocells or radio transmitters to protect the leading edge of sliding gates. Recommended for all gate danger areas which have been identified during risk assessment. EN12453, EN12978 andEN 13849-2 2008 cat3 compliant.

Safety edge

Heavy duty finger guard protection now avalible in 2 sizes, 135mm and 250mm wide, complete with aluminium fixing plates. The hinge guards are designed to fix to the hinge style of the gate and to the gate post preventing anyone from pushing hands or fingers into entrapment areas. Previously hinge gaps have been protected by safety edges which activate when an obstruction is detected; an arm or leg must be in a postion to activte the trigger switch. Rubber hinge guard protectors prevent the obstruction from getting near the danger area and therefore are ideal for schools, factories or any pedestrionised areas. its better to prevent the risk than to protect the risk

finger hinge guard finger hinge guard finger hinge guardclick to see larger image

Safety Devices - Control Panels and Other devices
Vehicle Induction Loop Detector
Induction loops can be used for vehicla safety to provide 'hold open safety' or 'start' inputs to open the gate systems. They consist of a coil of cable (loop) set just below the drives' surface. The tails of this loop are wired back to the 'electronic detector unit'. When a vehicle passes over the loop, the metalwork of the passing vehicle causes the detector unit to change state and signal the automatic gate system to perform its programmed action.

Loop detector
Warning Lamps
A light with a blue or amber lens that provides warning of a gate's impending or actual movement. Long life LED versions available

Safety Gate
A patented safety device ideal for domestic swing gates that measures the speed of rotation, providing greater levels of safety particularly where pedestrian access is required. This device can be fitted to any type of SEA mains operators providing stop and reverse safety, acting as if there were safety edges fitted all over the gates. This Safety Gate can assist in compliance with the European safety regulations EN12453 and EN12455; please contact us for further information.

Safety gate rotation sensor

We stock wired, wireless and telephone based systems to provide the most flexible range of intercom equipment.

Wired audio and video intercom systems

Simple and popular systems where the external panels can be combined with digital key pads and even fingerprint recognition systems.

Wired Intercom

Wireless intercoms

Ideal for larger properties, where running cables between rooms is impractical. Wireless intercoms allow a 2 way conversation between the gate and the property, with a push button to let you open the gates from anywhere in the house.
wireless Intercom

Telephone based intercom systems

Ideal for sites where the distance between gates and house make it impractical to use wired or wireless intercoms. The intercom panel is a telephone self dialing system, that will call your landline or mobile phone whenever somebody comes to your gate. This allows you to open the gates from anywhere around the world.
Videx GSM



Powered latch lock – These are widely used within the industry to secure an electric gate, by the action of a rotating beak. Latch locks are available with optional internal or external cylinders. (12v supply taken directly from control panel)
latch lock


Powered hook lock – A high security version of the latch lock, with the rotating catch hooking onto a peg for additional strength. These bolts are rated with a 2000kg holding force, and are provided with external and internal releases as standard. (12v supply taken directly from control panel)
hook lockView PDF


Magnetic locks – These are particularly useful for timber gates that are prone to expansion or large gates that have a tendency to move, due to leaf length and flexibility. They are rated with a 1200lb holding force and are often used in fail-safe situations.
locking electric gates


Driven bolts – Simple mechanical bolts for paired gates, which centrally secure the first closing leaf to a floor stop. Two versions are available, suitable for domestic and industrial applications.
driven bolts

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