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Super Compact

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Super Compact 1200

The Super Compact 1200 is the strongest underground motor made by SEA and the most powerful 230VAC underground motor available on the market. The Super Compact is perfect for heavy domestic applications as well as commercial and industrial rolls. The Super Compact builds on the existing Compact underground models by using stainless steal machined components in its construction. These tougher materials allow this electro hydraulic motor to move a swing gate up to 1200kg  in weight with a 5m gate leaf length. The Super Compact has a duty cycle of 60 operations per hour for almost continuous usage.  Like SEA’s other hydraulic systems the Super Compact has the flexibility to be both strong and safe. Pressures on the motor can be adjusted up or down depending on the roll this motor must play, when combined with a safety gate encoder this system can pass gate force tests. When linked to a Gate 2 DG control panel the Super Compact has the flexibility to offer maximum power for moving a gate and maximum safety to protect users.

Super Compact heavy duty underground gate motor

Super Compact heavy duty underground gate motor

Compact 400 internal physical stops

Super Compact internal physical stops (optional)

Compact 400 motor with box

Super Compact motor with box