Mini Tank

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Mini Tank Details
The Mini Tank is the smallest of the SEA hydraulic pistons. Designed for domestic gates, it is suitable for a maximum leaf length of 1800mm and can handle a duty cycle of 40 operations per hour.

Brass and stainless steel internal valves and connectors, make the Mini Tank one of the strongest domestic operators available. An oil filled bath provides continuous lubrication and rapid cooling for all moving parts, whilst a thermal overload built into the motor ensures the highest level of protection.

Adjustable safety valves protect pedestrians and vehicles, with the SEA safety gate attachment available for additional peace of mind.

Specifications Attributes
Supply Voltage 230Vac+5% 50/60Hz
Motor Power 180 W
Shaft Stroke 270 mm
Cycles Hour 40
Operating temperature -20°C + 55°C
Operator Weight 10 Kg
Max leaf length 1.8m with operator locking, or 3m
Opening Degrees 90° – 120°
Protection class IP55
Starting Capacitor 8 uF
Max Pushing Force 640 daN