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Half Tank

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Half Tank Details
The Half Tank is a hydraulic swing operator suitable for commercial and light industrial use; it is able to handle opening cycles of up to 55 per hour.

With 3 pump versions to alter operating speeds and three operator lengths, it can be used for pedestrian gates or gate leaves up to 7000mm in length and 700kg in weight.

A key manual release is provided making this one of the most secure operators on the market.

Specifications HT100 1.0ltr/ 1.5ltr HT200 1.5ltr/ 2.0ltr
Supply Voltage 230Vac+5% 50/60Hz 230Vac+5% 50/60Hz
Motor Power 220 W 220 W
Shaft Stroke 270 mm 390 mm
Shaft Speed 1.0/ 1.5cm per sec 1.5/ 2.0 cm per sec
Cycles Hour 55 55
Operating temperature -20°C + 55°C -20°C + 55°C
Operator Weight 11,4 kg 13,6 kg
Max leaf length 6m 7m
Opening Degrees 90° – 120° 90° – 125°
Protection class IP55 IP55
Starting Capacitor 12.5 uF 12.5 uF
Max Pushing Force 640 daN 640 daN